Date: 13/01/2017

The Amazing Race BTP 2017 ended with the victory for the team “Con Loc” – Boss Vincom Thai Binh, who left the two runners-up “Storm” of the Office and “Chien Binh” from Poongsan Vinh . These 2 teams also brought many unforgettable impressions in the heart of the cheerleaders.

7 races, 7 extremely harsh challenges. 14 teams followed closely each other, creating a dramatic, exciting, attractive “Amazing Race BTP”, satisfying the viewers.

Never and nowhere before, the “Amazing Race” version has made viewers experience so many levels of emotions like the Amazing Race BTP 2017. In a day of heavy rain, slippery roads, difficult challenges, making players seemingly exhausted, not a single team gave up, all tried to win the game, as the BTP’s spirit is never giving up.

Let’s look back at the dramatic races in the Amazing Race BTP 2017:

 (The board of referee and teams gathered to discuss the game rules and regulations)
The board of referee and teams gathered to discuss the game rules and regulations

The first race with the challenge of “Business person” has led the teams to bring into play the thinking, creation and show their promptitude and sensitivity. 11 teams have quickly overcome the challenge of exchanging cards to have a set of 52 uniform cards and quickly receive the confidential letter to enter the 2nd race with a more difficult challenge.

(Race 1 took place quickly, 11 teams (out of a total of 14 teams) have received the confidential letter to enter Race 2)
Race 1 took place quickly, 11 teams (out of a total of 14 teams) have received the confidential letter to enter Race 2

In the second race “Fill up BTP” – a challenge of physical strength and skills, the teams must find ways to fill up a barrel of water without using tools/supporters from outside, then move the barrel of water tank to the BTP harbor without lifting it up from the ground and the two participants must not leave their hands off the barrel. Under the heavy rain, slippery and rocky terrain, this race made the teams tired. However, the spirit of breakthroughs still led them pass through the challenge with no team giving up. Although some internal fights happened under the pressure of the race and the weather, but in the end, the teams still conquered all the tasks and at this race the attachment among the members was even higher. After this race, 9 winning teams continued to receive the confidential letter entering the 3rd race.

Crossing a 450-meter-long river segment under rainy and windy weather made 2 teams give up. After the third race, there were only 7 remaining teams making breakthrough to enter the 4th race with the challenge of “Hundred-knot Bamboo tree” at “Sugarcane Port”.

In the challenge of Race 4 – Sugarcane Port, the remaining 7 teams followed closely each other to create a thrilling and dramatic race. At “Sugarcane Port”, the teams must quickly complete the collection of 20 sugarcanes and fasten them to move to the “Swan” capture position where the teams cannot neglect for any second because this is a very important stage in the breakthrough process. At this time, the rain was heavier, making the viewers’ eyes and the lens blur while witnessing the best efforts of the teams.

The 5th race with the challenge of blind man catching ducks made the rankings of the teams change constantly, this is an experience of the good collaboration among the members that brought luck to the 4 teams that made it to the penultimate race.

The 6th race – the breakthrough stage, the team members instructed the selected member to overcome the “Beer Maze”. After this race, 3 teams “Con Loc” – Boss Vincom Thai Binh, “Storm” – the Office and “Chien Binh” – Poongsan Vinh affirmed their abilities and determination when surpassing the other 11 competitors to enter the final race to win the championship.

With the resilience, indomitability and never giving up spirit, the teams had transmitted to the atmosphere outside the studio the drama, thrilling, emotion, bursting in victory and all levels of emotions in the final race with the “Piczzle piece” challenge which completed the picture of BTP boat surpassing the ocean waves towards the brilliantly successful future.

In the wonderful natural landscape of Dai Lai forest and mountain, diverse challenges with many interesting stories; funny, memorable moments; extremely stressful minutes and the fierce breakthrough of each player to overcome themselves made a fascinating race from the beginning to the end.

The victory belongs to the luckiest, most effortful team – “Con Loc” – Boss Vincom Thai Binh with a prize of VND 30,000,000. And it was more touching when the winner did not forget the sense of responsibility to the community – a “BTP spirit” always imbued in each member of the group when deducting 10% of the prize to support BTP charity fund for community activities in 2017.

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