Vision – Mission


By vanguard aspirations and right strategy – sustainable development goal, Bach Tuong Phat Holdings (BTP Holdings) efforts to become a corporation of investment, consultant and brand management, consultant and  multi-branch trade leading in Vietnam and region; aims to build the corporation of financial investment and consultants, brand development and management, global trade investment promotion.


The pioneer paves the way and  strongly confront and overcome challenges to continue the success.

Creating difference by innovative breakthrough in business and management.

The quality is the behavior rule of each member in servicing customer and partner relationship

Innovating to develop sustainably.

Having responsibility for the community and society

Core Value

The customer is the focus

The customer is always the focus in planning policy and strategy.

Social responsibility

With the role of a leading business in Vietnam, BTP holdings not only focuses on business goals but also actively affirms the leadership in creating life value, constantly improving day by day

for the development of the community and society.

Responsibility for staff

Creating a dynamic, healthy, and safe working environment so that BTP holdings’ staffs can develop their individual potential.


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